Ornaments Needed for Friends of the Green

Mar 14, 2020

Spread Holiday Cheer with Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church, a community-driven organization dedicated to serving the needs of our local area. We are thrilled to launch our annual campaign, "Ornaments Needed for Friends of the Green," where we invite you to join us in spreading holiday cheer by donating ornaments for those in need.

About Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church

At Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church, we believe in the power of faith and the importance of giving back to the community. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space where people from all walks of life can come together to worship, find support, and make a positive impact.

Our Commitment to the Community

As an integral part of the community, we are committed to organizing events and initiatives that foster a sense of belonging and bring joy to those who may be facing challenging circumstances. Our "Ornaments Needed for Friends of the Green" campaign is one such initiative, aimed at brightening the holiday season for individuals and families in need.

Why Donate Ornaments?

Christmas is a time of joy, love, and giving. Unfortunately, many people in our community may not have the means or resources to decorate their homes during this festive season. By donating ornaments, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in someone's life and bring holiday spirit into their homes. Your contributions will help create a warm and inviting environment, spreading joy and happiness to those who need it most.

How to Participate

Participating in the "Ornaments Needed for Friends of the Green" campaign is easy!

  1. Choose new or gently used ornaments that you would like to donate.
  2. Ensure that the ornaments are in good condition, as we aim to provide recipients with beautiful decorations.
  3. Visit our donation drop-off location at the Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church during specified hours.
  4. Our friendly volunteers will be there to receive your donations and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Feel free to provide any notes or well-wishes along with your ornaments, as your kind words will certainly brighten someone's day.
  6. Spread the word! Share our campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues to maximize our impact.

We appreciate your generosity and support in making this initiative a success!

Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church: Spreading Hope and Love

Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church stands as a pillar of hope and love within the local community. Through our various ministries and outreach programs, we strive to uplift those in need, providing them with both spiritual and physical support. Together, let's make this holiday season one filled with joy, spreading the true spirit of the season.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information about our "Ornaments Needed for Friends of the Green" campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to assist you.

Thank you for your compassion and support!

Hakan Swahn
Nice initiative! 🎄💚
Nov 8, 2023
Paul Wal
Love the idea of spreading holiday cheer through donating ornaments! 🎄💚 It's wonderful to see the community coming together for a great cause.
Oct 6, 2023
Kasey Hovencamp
What a fantastic way to give back to the community.
Aug 26, 2023
Nadir Bafou
Looking forward to supporting this great cause! 🎄
Aug 13, 2023
David Divan
I'll be sure to donate some beautiful ornaments! 🌟
Mar 12, 2023
Hitoshi Yoshizawa
Excited to contribute and spread some holiday cheer!
Feb 4, 2023
Dave Bushong
A heartwarming campaign to brighten up the holidays!
Feb 3, 2023
Cleopatra Isis
Happy to be a part of this wonderful initiative.
Jun 29, 2022
Jacob Petry
Let's make this holiday season extra special for Friends of the Green.
Jun 2, 2021
Donna Huitt
Proud to be associated with such a caring organization.
May 25, 2021
Kyunghuei Kim
This is the season of giving. Count me in.
Jul 13, 2020
Damien Lipe
I love how the community comes together for important causes.
Mar 29, 2020