How to Report an Incident of Sexual Abuse

Mar 5, 2021

Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church - Reporting Procedures

Welcome to Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church, a place of faith and belief where we prioritize the safety and well-being of all members. We understand the importance of addressing incidents of sexual abuse promptly and providing support to victims. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps involved in reporting an incident of sexual abuse within our community.

Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a serious issue that can cause profound emotional and physical harm to victims. At Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church, we are committed to creating a safe environment. It is crucial to educate ourselves on the signs of sexual abuse, which may include:

  • Unexplained bruises or injuries
  • Sudden changes in behavior or mood
  • Withdrawal from social activities
  • Fear of specific individuals or places
  • Regressive behaviors

If you suspect that someone may be experiencing sexual abuse, it is essential to respond with empathy, compassion, and urgency.

Reporting an Incident

Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church has developed a clear protocol for reporting incidents of sexual abuse. We encourage anyone who has experienced or witnessed sexual abuse within our community to come forward and follow these steps:

  1. Document the details: Take note of the date, time, location, and any relevant information regarding the incident.
  2. Reach out to a trusted person: Share your experience with someone you trust, such as a pastor, staff member, or counselor, who can offer guidance and support throughout the reporting process.
  3. Contact the designated representative: Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church has a designated person responsible for handling reports of sexual abuse. Please reach out to this individual to initiate the formal reporting process.
  4. Provide a detailed account: Prepare to share your experience in a safe and confidential environment, ensuring that all relevant details are provided to facilitate an effective investigation.
  5. Cooperate with investigations: If applicable, cooperate fully with any investigation conducted by the authorities and our church leaders. Your cooperation is crucial in ensuring a thorough and fair investigation.

Please be assured that when you report an incident of sexual abuse, your privacy and confidentiality will be respected, and appropriate measures will be taken to prioritize your safety and well-being.

Support and Resources

Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church is committed to providing comprehensive support to victims of sexual abuse. We recognize that healing and recovery are essential, and we offer a range of resources to assist you during this challenging time, including:

  • Counseling services: Our church provides confidential counseling services with experienced professionals who specialize in trauma therapy.
  • Support groups: We organize support groups where survivors can share their experiences, find solace, and connect with others on a similar journey.
  • Referrals for external support: If necessary, we can refer you to external organizations and professionals who specialize in assisting survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Education and prevention programs: Our community continually engages in educational programs to raise awareness about sexual abuse, consent, and healthy relationships.

We are dedicated to supporting you throughout your healing process and ensuring that you have access to the help you need.


At Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church, we prioritize the safety, well-being, and healing of all members of our community. If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of sexual abuse, please remember that you are not alone. By taking the necessary steps to report the incident and accessing the available support and resources, we can work together towards healing, justice, and prevention.