Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church - Women's Ministry

Jun 28, 2018

About the Women's Ministry

Welcome to the Women's Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church, a community where women from all walks of life come together to grow in faith, support one another, and make a positive impact. Our ministry is dedicated to creating an environment where women can deepen their relationship with God, connect with fellow believers, and find guidance and inspiration for their journey.

Our Vision

Our vision for the Women's Ministry is to empower women to live out their faith boldly and authentically. We believe that women have unique gifts and perspectives to offer, and we are committed to nurturing those gifts and empowering women to make a lasting impact in their families, communities, and beyond.

Join our Vibrant Community

When you become part of our Women's Ministry, you join a vibrant community of women who are passionate about their faith. We offer a variety of opportunities for fellowship, personal growth, and service, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Fellowship Events

Our ministry organizes regular fellowship events where women can come together to share life experiences, encourage one another, and build lasting friendships. From coffee mornings and book clubs to retreats and socials, we create a space where meaningful connections can flourish.

Bible Studies

Deepen your knowledge of the Scriptures and grow in your faith through our engaging Bible studies. Led by experienced teachers, these studies provide an opportunity to explore God's Word, ask questions, and apply biblical principles to your everyday life.

Mentoring and Discipleship

We believe in the power of mentoring and discipleship as transformative tools for spiritual growth. Our ministry offers mentorship programs where women can learn from seasoned mentors who provide guidance, wisdom, and accountability.

Community Outreach

As part of our commitment to serving others, we actively engage in community outreach. Through various outreach projects, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need, demonstrating God's love and compassion in tangible ways.

Get Involved

Regardless of your age, background, or stage of life, there is a place for you in our Women's Ministry. We encourage you to join us and discover the joy of belonging to a community that supports, encourages, and equips you in your faith journey.

Worship Services

Attend our worship services and experience the power of collective worship. Our church offers meaningful and inspiring services where you can encounter God's presence, engage in heartfelt worship, and receive relevant teaching.

Volunteer Opportunities

Make a difference by volunteering your time and talents. Our ministry provides various volunteer opportunities where you can contribute to the church and the community. Whether it's serving in children's ministry, leading a small group, or participating in outreach events, your involvement matters.

Connect Groups

Join a connect group and experience the benefits of authentic relationships within a smaller community. Connect groups offer a space for deeper connections, spiritual growth, and mutual support. It's a place where you can share life's joys and challenges, pray together, and study God's Word in a more intimate setting.

Stay Updated

Stay up to date with the latest news, events, and resources from our Women's Ministry. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to receive regular updates and stay connected with our community.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Women's Ministry, please feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you and help you get connected.

Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church - Women's Ministry

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Rainer Pacholak
👏 Empowering women through faith!
Nov 11, 2023
David Hoch
It's wonderful to see a church dedicated to fostering a strong community of women, where faith and support can flourish.
Oct 7, 2023
Greg D
The Trinity Baptist Church's women's ministry is an inspiring example of creating a space for women to connect and strengthen their faith.
Jun 28, 2023
Dennis Moore
Creating an environment for women to deepen their faith and support one another is so important. This ministry is doing an amazing job!
May 15, 2023
The women's ministry at the church is a shining example of how faith can bring people together to support and uplift one another. It's truly heartwarming.
Nov 14, 2022
Tyler Moeller
I love the idea of women coming together to make a positive impact and grow in their faith. Kudos to the Trinity Baptist Church for fostering such a supportive community.
May 13, 2022
Lynn Cobb
It's great to see a community dedicated to empowering and uplifting women of all backgrounds. Keep up the fantastic work! 👍
Dec 30, 2021
Holly Seel
The women's ministry at Trinity Baptist Church sounds like a wonderful place for women to support each other and grow in faith.
Apr 28, 2020
Fabiola Requena
As a woman of faith, I'm touched by the dedication to supporting and empowering women from diverse backgrounds. This is truly commendable.
Feb 19, 2020
Natasha Johnson
I appreciate the commitment to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for women to deepen their relationships with each other and with their faith.
Sep 24, 2019
Vicky Woods
The women's ministry aims to make a positive impact by fostering a space where women can come together to share, learn, and grow.
Jul 25, 2019
King Kong
The dedication to empowering women and fostering a strong community is truly inspiring. Keep up the great work, Trinity Baptist Church! 💪
Dec 17, 2018