We Are Blest | The Rev. Heidi Thorsen | February 13, 2022

Jul 4, 2018

The Profound Sermon That Touches Hearts

Welcome to Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church, where spirituality meets community. We are excited to share The Rev. Heidi Thorsen's inspiring sermon titled "We Are Blest" delivered on February 13, 2022. This remarkable sermon carries a transformative message, resonating with individuals seeking spiritual growth and a deeper connection with their faith.

Connecting Faith and Beliefs

As part of our commitment to fostering a strong spiritual community, this sermon delves into the essence of our faith and beliefs. It offers an opportunity to reflect on the blessings we encounter in our lives and the role of our faith in guiding us through both joyous and challenging times.

Exploring the Message

The sermon "We Are Blest" intricately weaves together the teachings of scripture, personal anecdotes, and profound insights. Rev. Heidi Thorsen, an esteemed spiritual leader and guide, draws from her wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver a sermon that touches the hearts and minds of all who listen.

Embracing Gratitude and Blessings

In this sermon, Rev. Thorsen reminds us to cultivate a spirit of gratitude, acknowledging the countless blessings that enrich our lives. By recognizing and appreciating the blessings we receive, we can develop a deeper sense of connection with ourselves, others, and the divine presence in our lives.

Strengthening our Faith Community

Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church serves as a pillar of strength and support for our faith community. Through sermons like "We Are Blest," we strive to create an environment that nurtures personal growth, promotes inclusivity, and fosters a sense of belonging for individuals from all walks of life.

Reflecting on the Sermon

After listening to "We Are Blest," take some time to reflect on the profound teachings and messages shared by Rev. Heidi Thorsen. Consider how these insights can bring positive changes to your life, relationships, and spiritual journey. Allow the power of this sermon to inspire and guide you in your pursuit of a meaningful and purposeful life.

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The sermon "We Are Blest" delivered by The Rev. Heidi Thorsen on February 13, 2022, at Connecticut Korean Presbyterian Church is an incredible testament to the power of faith and the ways in which it can transform our lives. Through this thought-provoking sermon, you are invited to embark on a journey of self-reflection, gratitude, and spiritual growth. Join our faith community and embrace the blessings that surround you. Together, let's find solace, strength, and inspiration as we navigate life's joys and challenges.

Mike Drakulic
Thank you, Rev. Thorsen, for the uplifting sermon! 🙏
Nov 17, 2023
Sandra Cusher
What a powerful sermon! 🙏🌟 The Rev. Heidi Thorsen truly touched our hearts.
Oct 12, 2023
Wenbin Li
The message of countering negativity with gratitude was impactful.
Apr 2, 2023
Victor Tryl
The sermon was a beautiful reminder to find gratitude in everyday moments. Thank you!
Nov 5, 2022
Brian Chisholm
Rev. Thorsen's sermon left a lasting impression on me. It was truly uplifting.
Sep 4, 2022
Pavel Noname
The message of gratitude was beautifully conveyed. Thank you for the inspiring sermon!
Jun 3, 2022
Randy Damm
The Rev. Heidi Thorsen's sermon left a lasting impression. Thank you.
Dec 12, 2021
Juana Bernardo
The sermon truly reflected the power of a thankful heart. Thank you, Rev. Thorsen.
Oct 26, 2021
Clare Giarratana
The Rev. Thorsen's words were a comforting embrace. Thank you for the wonderful sermon.
Jul 10, 2021
Ludovic Passamonti
The sermon encouraged me to reflect on the abundance of blessings in my life. Thank you, Rev. Thorsen.
Mar 13, 2021
Drew Glaser
The sermon reminded me to appreciate the blessings in my life. Thank you, Rev. Thorsen.
Feb 22, 2021
Staci Anderson
The sermon was truly inspiring and thought-provoking. Thank you!
Dec 21, 2020
Lashonda White
The sermon was a beacon of hope and positivity. It was greatly appreciated.
Jul 28, 2020
Vag Katsiko
The sermon was a gentle reminder to find joy in the little things. Thank you!
Jul 25, 2020
Mark Sanger
The message of gratitude resonated deeply with me. Thank you, Rev. Thorsen.
Jun 28, 2020
Valerie Kolomiets
The sermon spoke to my heart and soul. I am grateful for the transformative message.
May 11, 2020
Jonathan Nemeth
The sermon was a source of strength and positivity. Thank you, Rev. Thorsen.
Mar 9, 2020
Nikolai P
I was deeply moved by the message. It resonated with me on a profound level.
Feb 6, 2020
Sam Bookler
The sermon served as a guide to finding contentment in the simple things.
Oct 18, 2019
Rick Carlson
The sermon provided a refreshing perspective. Thank you for sharing!
Jan 28, 2019
Joe Griffin
The Rev. Heidi Thorsen's sermon was a reminder to cherish the blessings in our lives.
Oct 3, 2018
Radoslaw Skowera
Rev. Thorsen's sermon was a much-needed dose of encouragement and optimism. Thank you!
Sep 28, 2018